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Photo Sales

After a number of requests, I have now decided to make all images in the site available for purchase. Profits from this will be donated 50/50 to the Fire Services National Benevolent Fund and the RNLI.

When viewing the collection thumb nails there is a "buy print" button below each image and when viewing an image in full screen you will find the button at the bottom of the screen to "buy print", this will add the image to your basket. Once you have finished shopping enter the check out area to complete your transaction and purchase prints.


The more images you buy, the cheaper the unit price becomes, for example, 6x4 inch prints eventually become just 26p each.

All images on the site are of the aspect ratio of a 6x4 print, as a result, you may have parts of the photo cropped when printing certain sizes. For example a 10x8 print is a different ratio, therefore the edges of the image will be cropped out.

Safe print sizes are 6x4, 9x6, 12x8, 15x10 and 30 x 20

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